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QuarkXPress 2019 v15.1.1 Multilingual
[Image: 34e02dc792de9f14803d0cc1a5030777.jpg]

QuarkXPress 2019 v15.1.1 Multilingual

File Size: 554 MiB
Languages: Multilingual
OS: Windows x64

The Most Flexible Software for Print and Digital Design. QuarkXPress introduces Flex Layouts, a first in digital publishing for graphic designers. Flex Layouts is a new layout space that lets designers create truly responsive HTML5 Web pages in a WYSIWYG environment. Flex Layouts do not require any HTML or CSS coding skills, which means graphic designers can start creating banner ads, landing pages, microsites, and more.

New Features:

Modern Web Design
Transform your print designs into modern web pages with Flex Layouts that enable users to deliver responsive web design without coding. Bring layouts to life with native HTML5 and CSS3 effects including drop shadows, gradients, vector shapes, video and a wealth of interactive elements.

Truly Responsive Experiences
The HTML output from the Flex Layout space is responsive to any device aspect ratio, including desktop, tablet and mobile phone screens. Designers can add any interactive element QuarkXPress supports, apply a parallax effect on background images, and test responsiveness without ever leaving QuarkXPress

Graphic Design to Web Design
The responsive HTML5 output from Flex Layouts complies with emerging Web standards, which means graphic designers can create native, app like experiences for the web directly in QuarkXPress. Once a Flex Layout is complete, designers can export and upload the code to any Web hosting service - or - use Flex Layouts as your prototyping tool and share the code with your web team.

Flex features include:
- Design and Export Responsive Web Pages
- Test responsiveness within the layout
- Design Using Preset or Custom Grids
- Prebuilt Responsive Layout Blocks
- Apply Native HTML5 Drop Shadows
- Support for Advanced Typography
- Create Vector Shapes and Illustrations
- Non-destructive image effects and filters
- Use Videos as backgrounds
- Use exported responsive layouts in iOS and Android apps
- And More

Tables Reimagined
Tables are a powerful tool for simplifying the presentation of complex information. However, it can be time consuming for designers to create and update tabular content. In QuarkXPress , Quark completely reimagined tables introducing its new table object that combines creative freedom with time saving automation.

A Powerful New Table Model
The new table model in QuarkXPress introduces new styling rules for table, row, column and cell level formatting along with text styling rules. You can apply table styles to any table regardless of whether you created directly in QuarkXPress or auto imported a table from Excel. What's more, if you change the source Excel table, the data is updated in QuarkXPress without impacting your table design.

Easy Access to Table Styles
No restrictions! All table styling can be done in QuarkXPress through a new and intuitive user interface. Designers can access table styles from the measurement palette, which offers much finer control over formatting tables at the cell level, plus unlimited opportunity to format borders and shading.

Save Time, Boost Productivity
To get you started quickly, QuarkXPress includes predefined table styles, which have all of the formatting options preset or you can build your own. When importing tables from Excel, you can even automatically create a table style as part of the import process.

Professional Image Export
Push image export to a new limit. For the first time you can now export your designs from QuarkXPress as professional grade images in JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats. Need an banner image for your email? No need to open another photo editing application! Use presets to control pixel DPI, quality, color profile, and file format when exporting your QuarkXPress layout or selected objects or images for use in other applications.

Performance Boost for Mac and Windows
QuarkXPress improves image cache handling with dedicated multithreading support to make operations much faster on MacOS and Windows. Additionally, QuarkXPress Windows users will now benefit from Direct2D hardware acceleration to boost graphic engine performance. While this improves overall image handling, it also makes layout operations like scrolling, panning, image editing and many other operations faster for image heavy documents.

Complete PDF Accessibility Support
When exporting PDFs for digital consumption, ensure you meet the latest accessibility requirements and regulations. QuarkXPress now supports all PDF accessibility standards so you can export PDFs that are compliant with the PDF/UA (ISO 14289), PDF/A, and WCAG 2.0 requirements.

9-Point Reference Grid
When creating or adjusting boxes and lines on a page, you often want to align items to specific coordinates or to other objects. To make this eas-ier, QuarkXPress adds a new grid-based selector that lets you specify the exact coordinates of an object and all four corners and four edges of a box.

Spring Loaded Cursor
No more back and forth between your layout and your image library! It takes time to import images individually, especially in image heavy layouts. Speed up the process by loading up your cursor with multiple images (or text files) at once and then populate existing boxes or create new boxes one at a time with the click of your mouse.

Additional New Features in QuarkXPress 2019:
- Auto Growing Text Boxes
- Enhanced Paragraph Formatting
- Directional Spine Alignment
- Easy Access to Merge Shapes
- Enhanced Border Formatting Control
- Enhanced Retina Support

- New First-Class OpenType Controls
- New Color Fonts Support
- New Upgraded Font Listing
- New Hyphenation Strictness Levels
- New OpenType Support for Digital

- New Direct InDesign IDML Import
- New New PDF Print Engine
- New Tagged/Accessible PDF
- New Built-in JavaScript ES6+ V8
- New Digital-to-Print Conversion

- New Unlimited Android Apps
- New Digital Preview Improvements
- New HTML5 Export Optimizations
- New Grouped Interactivity
- New Collect for Output Digital


- RESOLVED: Text is not calced properly on applying a different master page having different page grid values if Lock to Page Grid is applied on the text. (5164, since v2016)
- RESOLVED: Text is not calced properly on typing in some specific projects containing a multicolumn linked text chain having anchored images and paragraph rules. (5168, since v2016)
- RESOLVED: The color name in the source project changes on exporting text as XPress Tags. (6399, since v8)
- RESOLVED: (Mac only): QuarkXPress crashes while hyphenating or spell checking on text on Case Sensitive OS. (6563, since v9)
- RESOLVED: (Windows only): Unable to view the complete file name/ full file path in File menu if the project has a long file name/ path name. (31956, since v7)
- RESOLVED: In specific cases, the picture resize handle is not visible due to which the user is unable to resize the picture. (34452, since v10)
- RESOLVED: (Windows only): PCX should be removed from the list of supported file types in the Import Picture dialog. (40646, since v10)
- RESOLVED: Export as PDF fails if any URL hyperlink applied in the project contains round parenthesis. (45202, since v2018)
- RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes while opening libraries created in v7 ~ v9 having grouped/ multi-selected items on Windows OS; while on Mac OS, only the item on the topmost stack in the group is retained while opening such libraries. (52762, since v2018)
- RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes on importing XPress tags file having any invalid tag. (58115, since v10)
- RESOLVED: (Mac only): In specific cases, the AppleScript 'PDF output style' clause is not recognized if the Word Filter XT is enabled. (59308, since v)
- RESOLVED: The table grid does not get applied on the top and right sides of selected table cells. (86050, since v2019)
- RESOLVED: (Windows 10 OS only): Auto Update routine brings up a useless error message while checking for updates if the BITS service has not been started beforehand. (86896, since Quark Update 2.0)
- RESOLVED: QuarkXPress crashes while undoing scaling of an object having drop shadow applied after performing 'Exporting as Image'. (93175, v2019)
- RESOLVED: (Mac only): Float input is not accepted in the CMYK color values while creating a new color in OS languages where a comma is used as decimal separator. (93314, since v2017)
- RESOLVED: 16 Bit images are rendered as blank when applying/importing with the specific color profiles. (93604, since v10)
- RESOLVED: Hyperlinks containing a hyphen character do not show up correctly in Acrobat for the PDFs created QuarkXPress. (93727, since v9)
- RESOLVED: XPress Tags files created v3 ~ v6 containing a paragraph language tag cannot be imported in QuarkXPress, an 'invalid tag' error is displayed. (94386, since v10)
- RESOLVED: Table row height does not match with an InDesign document importing an IDML file in QuarkXPress if there is overflowed text in a cell. (94883, since v2019 15.0.1)
- RESOLVED: Rubi cannot be applied on specific Hiragana characters using Rubi dialog, the base text gets deleted instead. (95826, since v2016)
- RESOLVED: (Mac only): Keyboard shortcut for Bold/ Italic does not work with the Greek language keyboard. (97708, since v2019 15.0.1)
- RESOLVED: (macOS Catalina only): Style sheet keyboard equivalents are not properly visible in the style sheet palette. (97983, introduced in macOS Catalina)
- RESOLVED: Key command for Italic is ignored for specific Myriad Pro Plain font styles, even when their corresponding italic font style is available. (98124, since v2019 15.0.1)
- RESOLVED: None or zero point table stroke width is incorrectly changed into hairline while importing an IDML file in QuarkXPress. (98169, since v2019)
- RESOLVED: (Windows only): Menus of Kerning Pairs and Font Tracking Tables are disabled in the Edit menu, and sometimes the Hanging Characters menu is also disabled in the Edit menu. (98234, since v2019 15.0.0)
- RESOLVED: (Windows only): Unable to scroll through the font list using the key commands for previous font/ next font if recently used font setting is enabled. (99183, since v2017)
- RESOLVED: Picture fitting options do not with working with spring loading. (102114, since v2019 15.0.0)
- RESOLVED: Bounding box for specific EPS files is created incorrectly while importing in Letter paper size layouts. (103076, since v2019 15.0.1)
- RESOLVED: (Windows only): Font styles names are displayed incorrectly in font style menus in measurement palette, Usage dialog, style sheet description in East Asian languages. (103104, since v2018)
- RESOLVED: Referenced EPS image renders as junk/courier when the total number of font folders under ~/Library/Fonts/ exceeds 256. (103795, since v)
RESOLVED: There is a performance delay while invoking PDF output dialog box and while creating PDFs if there are Item Styles in specific projects. (104618, v2019 15.1)
- RESOLVED: Update Missing Images' JavaScript sample does not scan sub-folders for missing images, and it does not work properly if a different page of the PDF is imported. (104949, since v2018)
- RESOLVED: Existing picture scale and position values are not retained on dragging and dropping the same image after the image has been removed once. (107684, since v2019 15.0.0)
- RESOLVED: PDF/UA Accessibility Certification fails if endnotes are present in the layout and 'Export endnotes as hyperlinks' option is checked in PDF Export options. (108416, since v2019 15.1)

System Requirements:
- Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (64 Bit)
- Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) with April 2014 update rollup update (KB2919355) and March 2014 servicing stack update (KB2919442)
- W*i*n*d*o*w*s 10 Version 1607 (64 Bit)
- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or later
- An update for Universal C Runtime is required on Windows 7 and 8.x.






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