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V-Ray Next Build 5.10.01 for S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p 2017-2021
[center][Image: th_TgPL1ROuLoe5dEs9TQRxAqvkFESpgjKk.png]
V-Ray Next Build 5.10.01 for S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p 2017-2021
x64 | File Size: 640 MB[/center]

With V-Ray Next for S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p we've boosted the speed and simplicity of S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p's premier renderer. Now, with a few clicks, you can create high-quality ray-traced visuals using one of the world's most widely used design programs. Automatic scene analysis and adaptive lighting join dozens of new features, bringing more performance to the design process.
Backed by over four years of R&D, V-Ray Next rapidly accelerates the S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p workflow, building massive speed and intelligence gains under the hood, so designers can produce faster, cleaner renders with little to no extra effort. This latest version is also immediately compatible with the new S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p 2019, as well as versions 2015-2018.

Headline features include:
New V-Ray Scene Intelligence can now automatically analyze a 3D scene at the start of a render, optimizing some of the most common decisions you'll make.

The new Adaptive Dome Light (ADL) offers more accurate, image-based environment lighting that's up to 7x faster.

Finding the perfect camera exposure or white balance is no longer an issue. Once a scene loads, Auto White Balance and Exposure return the right settings, making the entire process point-and-shoot simple.

A new NVIDIA AI Denoiser has also been embedded, so you get automatic noise removal and clean updates as they work.

The GPU renderer is over 200 percent faster, accelerating nearly every V-Ray feature including fog and atmospheric effects.

A new Scene Interaction Tool now provides direct access to any level of the S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p hierarchy, so you can interactively adjust materials and light properties whenever an object is selected.

A new V-Ray Toolbar has also been included, providing new access to top tools and simplified UI controls that will make it easier to set up cameras, adjust render settings and manage scenes.

The new asset management system can help you find and track V-Ray assets, using a custom library that can be shared across S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p projects.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7,Windows 8.1,Windows 10.
CPU:Intel Pentium IV or compatible processor with SSE4.2 support.
RAM:4 GB RAM and 4 GB swap minimum - recommended 8 GB or more RAM, 8 GB or more swap file
S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p:S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p 2017,2018,2019 and 2021
Whats New
-This product uses the NeUI (A cross platform common UI for V-Ray products).
-This product uses V-Ray Vision (A cross platform real-time viewer).
-Below are their combined change logs.

V-Ray S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p 5.10.01

New Feature
-Handle Cosmos Asset replacement
-Take Cosmos Asset light controls into account when exporting
-Implement 'Transfer to Scene' functionality of the Light Mix for Cosmos Asset lights

-Cosmos asset bump maps should be scaled on Merge depending on the scene units
-Hide the Cosmos browser when an asset is imported
-Keep the component placement tool active for assets created from the Cosmos browser
-Handle multiple lights in a single Cosmos asset
-Opening the cosmos browser from S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p should cause an attempt to reconnect
-Cosmos assets are always imported in first instance of SU2021
-Selectively hide proxy objects based on preview type
-Assign texture helpers to newly-created Blend, Bump and Toon Override materials
-Add support for selecting scene objects for a multi-selection of assets

New Feature
-Show proper app and file names in the Cosmos browser and update on file name change
-Show new V-Ray version notifications in the VFB
-Update the Cosmos external asset paths once a missing asset gets downloaded
-Make sure that Pack Project can pack Cosmos assets
-Implement a new way for backface mesh UVs to be stored and rendered
-Implement Merge/Explode function that converts Cosmos assets to Proxy Meshes with editable materials
-Uninstaller icon update
-Update the Asset Editor, Cloud Submit, Cloud Batch as well as the Cosmos tollbar icons
-Implement Cosmos environment assets import
-Implement Cosmos geometry assets import
-Handle Cosmos bump map scaling

-Set the Vision windows always on top to avoid the crash caused by parenting
-Prevent downgrading Chaos Cosmos during installation
-Prevent downgrading the Chaos Cloud Client during installation
-Update the Pack Project prompt message
-Make sure that merged Cosmos assets create a Proxy component with an inner locked group which also stores the scaling transformation
-Update Chaos Group License Server to v5.5.2
-Retain selection on cosmos asset import
-Fix API various documentation errors

-S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p hangs if minimized and restored while Vision is running
-Increasing image output size does not always update correctly during interactive
-Compiling Optix kernels takes extra time
-Empty layer/tag name will cause V-Ray to produce `Exception in CORE: Internal error`
-Textures on objects with 2D displacement are not rendered correctly with the GPU engines
-Rendering produces warnings of mismatched texture face count compared to mesh face count
-Mesh Clippers that do not use a material produce white fills instead of gaps
-OSX: Camera DOF and Frame Range are not properly updated when rendering animation
-S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p does not refresh UI after updating a Cosmos asset
-V-Ray for S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p cannot be loaded on Windows 8.1
-A specific Cosmos asset hangs S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p upon importing it in the scene
-Specific Cosmos assets misplaces some of its additional light sources
-Specific Cosmos assets are imported with incorrect preview
-Cosmos assets cannot be imported
-Scene importer fails in S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p 2021
-Misleading error message when license server is disabled
-A string of Ruby errors are printed upon closing S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p
-Uninstalling V-Ray does leaves some files behind
-OS user names with non-Latin symbols prevent installation of the License server, Cloud client and Swarm
-Crash on import of vrmat files containing circular references
-Deleting the Mesh Clipper in specific scenes crashes S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p
-Rendering a newly created Sphere Light asset crashes a specific S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p scene from Courseware V-Ray 3
-OSX: Crash upon changing Image and Aspect ratio during Interactive
-Object modelled from the surface of an imported image file causes a hang when rendered
-Crash upon rendering a scene from the S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p Courseware V-Ray 3
-Crash when rendering fur applied on objects with material assignment on faces
-Win 8.1: Hitting the render button crashes S*k*e*t*c*h*U*p
-OSX: Crash upon rendering scenes with Cosmos assets
-macOS: Scenes containing Cosmos assets with overridden materials crash when exported
-Vizpark proxy is not creating component and crashes specific V-Ray version(4.20.03)



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